Senin, 15 April 2013

Why you need to find a good accountant

Through life, there will be some professional relationships that really matter. Your doctor, lawyer, personal banker etc. .. One of the most important relationships you’ll need is one with an accountant.

You may think that an accountant is beneficial during tax season, when really it can be relied upon for much more … You can activate your accountant for advice on financial and investment planning.

And if you really have a problem on your income? The best person to fix your problem is an accountant. Accountants are skilled in CRA policy and procedure, which may be able to find ways that you or the CRA has made a mistake on your tax return or expense you don’t understand who could have supported.

If you have a problem of income tax, because they have not filed any income for several years? An accountant is still the best choice. If you are experiencing difficulties finding an accountant specializing in solving tax problems where the taxpayer is inconsistent. Mark Feldstein and Associates is a chartered accountant firm in Toronto and is a perfect example of an accounting firm that argues for taxpayers who have tax problems.

Your relationship with your accountant should be long term, then here are some things to think about when looking for a good accountant:

1. search and ask that they use your friends and family. Nothing is better than a recommendation from a trusted friend who used the accountant.
2. you get what you pay for! If you go to a Chartered accounting firm, can charge a higher rate than an H & R Block but remember CA is experienced, work quickly.
3. The accountant to see if anyone has posted negative feedback about Google’s online accountant.

Many people think “I want to pay the minimum amount of tax” or “I want the biggest” refund at tax time and race to find the most aggressive accountant. Aggressive accountants are those who land in big trouble. The best type of accountant is the person who are complete, practical and honest and has a low to moderate appetite for risk. Not someone who will cut corners to increase your bottom line and potentially get checked. A former employer once said: “If you are always honest, you don’t have to have a good memory” and it couldn’t be more true when it comes to your taxes and finances.

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